ElectricVLab 1.4

Create a virrtual experimenting ground for electronics
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Access a collection of simulated tools for experimenting with electrical currents and electronic devices. Build and simulate the work of circuits and machinery, place components according to the efficiency and safety requirements, organize wiring patterns, etc.

ElectricVLab is a 3D virtual simulator for electrical and electronics experiments. ElectricVLab has two modes of operation, Build and Simulation. In Build mode, you build your circuit by placing components on a virtual breadboard and connecting them with wires. Simulation mode is where you see the circuit in operation. In this mode, you can see the circuit coming to life: Lamps glow, fireworks happen, instruments display the values, wires animate to indicate current flow and so on. You can also do things like toggling the switches or changing the parameters of the components and see how the circuit responds.

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